Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Trap Jaw the Undead

After the war between Skeletor and He-Man ended, the few surviving Masters and the Hordes of evil wandered alone across the planet. One of them was Trap-Jaw. Without Tri-Klops still being alive to repair the damages on his mechanical parts, Trap Jaw had to face the terror of being a living dead. Metal and technology animated the flesh, that was already long dead.
The metal parts rusted, the flesh rotted.
So he wandered across Eternia, until the day one thing would fall apart first:
Metal. Or flesh.

Heres the first custom I´ve ever made. Its Trap Jaw as I always thought he should be.
The colours arent shown here as the really look like. Flesh and metal look more different in real then they do on these pictures.

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