Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

The Beast Man

The small village Ansorr right next to the evergreen forest had since it was founded always been ravaged by the dark Shadow Beasts, creatures lurking deep inside the forest.
The people of Ansorr were about to leave their home. Only a few days, and everyone would have been gone.
Karella, a young woman, daughter of one of the last residing farmers went to collect herbs, and came too near the dark trees that boardered the forest.
And so, Karella was taken away.

After weeks, she was found near the place she was last seen. Naked, her body bruised in unspeakable ways, and..pregnant.

The village Ansorr was new founded far away the forest, but in Karella the villagers always saw a memorabilia of the despair they had left behind.
But Karella´s problems were deeper. Much deeper. Inside her, the infant twisted, moved, and after twelfe months, she gave birth to a boy. That was not human at all.
The child had a hairy body, teeth that could rip flesh apart, claws and was almost as strong as a grown man. Karella was given the choice: Abandon the "baby", or leave. Karella, in her sorrow, did the only thing she could think of.
She went back to the place that was Ansorr once. The houses now were half demolished, claw marks in almost every wall. Karella placed the baby that screamed like an animal right at the place she once was taken away- and then she left...

Twenty years later the Shadow Beasts came to the new Ansorr. To reach it, they crossed the fields, spending the brutal daylight in self dugged holes. And they left no one breathing anymore. Only a woman was taken away alive. For the woman´s deepest horror, this was the second time the Beasts took her. She was brought to something that looked like an amalgam between a Beast and a man. And Karella recognized her son. And then, with a deep, gurgling voice, the being spoke.
"You left me, mother. But I forgive you. A beautiful human woman should not be seen with an ugly, grim and fierce thing like your child has been. Thank you, mother. You made me what I am now. Can you see? I am wearing the teeth of my father around my neck. Impregnate a human was his way to be considered as a grown up. His way into adulthood. Thats the Shadow Beast´s law. Killing him and wearing his teeth as my own symbol of power is mine. Are you proud of me, mother? ARE YOU PROUD????"
The last thing what Karella heard after the shouts of her son was the ripping of her own flesh, carried away in multiple directions at the same time...

Now, heres my Beast Man. There was not much adding to him I could do, but surely alot work. So I gave him hair. I needed two and a half tubes of superglue to finally flock (is that the right word in english?) him. Ov course I coloured him before. When you look closely, you can even see plaque on his teeth. Still he is fully moveable.
I HAD to do something with his collar. It looked horrible. Not bad as for it was, but not good enough after the flocking. So I made him a collar out of fur, and added the teeth he had in his old collar. I also gave him a new loin cloth made out of felt.
I´ve been months (really months) in search for this colour. I didnt wanted to have the original orange. My customs should look more realistic, thats my aim. And so I chose a more..."fur" looking flock. My Beast Man had to be seen as half man, half animal.
Sadly, the pics arent as good to show everything. You cant see the plaque on his teeth, the details in his eyes, or the details on his hands and feet. I need a new cam...

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