Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Orko, the Wrath

Searching through the dimensions for new powers that could help him against the good forces, Skeletor ripped a hole into a dimension filled with magical fog, in which creatures lived made of living shadows. Skeletor abducted one of those shadows and put it into a coat made of dragon skin, that could give the shadow a form and keep the mighty force held inside.
In panic because of the sheer terror, being held in a strict form, the shadow cried out pure magic and destroyed a big part of Snake Mountain. The Scorceress of Grayskull heard that scream and rescued the shadow from Skeletors grip. But bringing the entity home...she couldnt. So she helped the alien called "Ohrrcho" grow acustom in his new world. But the shadow will always seek revenge..for the horror of being now locked in a form it cant change. Never. It is now Orko. The Wrath.

For this, I cut off his hat and took away his scarf. Then came the overall repaint, I chose the "fog" I wanted to add (didnt wanted plain white, I decided for something more "dirty") and added everything back together.

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