Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

The Power sword- stainless steel

When the Scorceress of Grayskull faced the danger of standing alone against all evil troops, the ghost of the Castle spoke to her. It said, in greatest danger, a warrior will come. The promised He-Man will arrive and rescue Eternia.
The Scorceress ran into the deepest caverns within the castle, went deep inside the Power core- the crystal chamber- and prayed to the long dead elders that once lived inside these walls.
Her prayer was heard, and the Castle itself forged a sword. The sword disappeared and searched the whole planet for the one. The one who will be worth to hold the power.
The one that will become the He-Man!

The sword I made is actually the same every action figure helds when you open the package. I altered the grip as you can see. I never liked those "metal spikes" coming out. I split open the part where the sword should be placed in, and I cut the old sword in half- so I was able to put those parts in the middle also on my sword. That means, the sword looks the same from both sides!
Oh, and yes, the grip can still be twisted.

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