Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Skeletors Two-Bladed Sword: Stainless Steel Custom

When the Universe still was young, the avatar of Chaos and the avatar or Order fought a battle for the control of all newborn life.
But as centurys passed, the avatars learned that they had the same powers- no one could win.
Aeons later, life began on the planet Eternia. Life spread. Life evolved. Intelligence grew. And still, Chaos and Order where watching. Then the life forged weapons. Swords. And Chaos saw its chance: The avatar forged a weapon, a manifestation of its own self, and threw it on the planet Eternia, so that the forces following Chaos´ trail could win and defeat all good- and Order.
But Order forsaw this plan and created an own weapon. Similar to the one that Chaos´ had build, and given to the armys following the good ways.

Thousands and Thousands years later, a wanderer appeared on those ancient battlegrounds. A man called Keldor, on a search for weapons and items worth his great future. He found the sword of Order. He found the sword of Chaos.
And for the first time, the two blades came closer, closer...and matched into eachother.
But nothing happened. Chaos and Order have been long gone. The power the blades held, had vanished. But still, as symbols of grandeur, worth the path that was ahead of Keldor.
His two-bladed sword of Order and Chaos!

As in the title said, the blades are made of stainless steel.

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