Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Sy-Clone: The Storm Cut

1000 years ago:

The emperor of Anwat Gar was in despair. His Troops decimated, the barbaric hordes of the adjacent kingdoms were closing in.
Not the new powderfire, nor the magic spells of the magicians could slow down the enormous mass of murderously flesh wich someone, if able to bear the sight, could call an "army".
The enemy stood before the gates. The great City of Anwat Gar was short before its last defeat.
Then the magicians and inventors entered the great hall in the emperors palace, with a new hope in their eyes.
A symbiosis of magic and technology could save the empire!
A few days ago, a gravely damaged junk made it back to the Anwat harbour, the seamen reported a "storm, almost human in its behaviour". THIS storm was now considered to be found!
So the magicians set sail to find this storm, while the inventors started their work in the doubtful safety of their workspaces.
And the magicians found the storm! But the storm was wayward, unwilling to listen to the moaning and weeping. But then he was promised a human body, and that changed it all!

The Walls of Anwat Gar were on fire, as the junk entered the harbour. Just in time the magicians brought the bewitched bottle that held the storm to the inventors, who just finished their work on the mechanical man the wore a blurred print of the emperor´s son.

And the elemental storm found its body.
Arms and fingers moved, legs walked, and the hip...rotated!
Thankful for this body, the storm hurried like a cyclone into the enemies. And a few days later, the threat was no more. Anwat Gar´s newest warrior had won the war almost by himself.
And the people reveled this weapon, gave it the name Sy-clone and worshippid it like it worshipped the emperor once.
And the emperor was not happy.
The "thing" had won the war, now the thing had to leave!
A lie decoyed the Sy-Clone deep into the catacombs, where he was placed right next to a head-high bottle...full of powderfire!
The explosion collapsed the whole catacomb system...

To be sure of his own safety, the emperor ordered that never ever technology would be allowed in Anwat Gar! (An order that still was active 1000 years later, and was broken by a young Samurai)

Thousand years later: today
The examination site of Anwat Gar.

"Master! Please come quick, I found something!"
"What is it?"
"It looks like..a statue? But its maltreated, like somethings scratched away the colours."
"Not scratched. This lookes like the colours got..burned away or something.
IS this a statue? I see wires and metal! Did the statue just mov....*

I painted it with yellow and lilac colours- in three layers. And then I used a colour called "Mithril Silver" and drybrushed the parts I wanted to look like the colour would have been scratched off. Sounds easy, but took alot of time, because of the several layers of colour I made.
And the spikes in his blade and arms and legs are made from real stainless steel, so no colour there.

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