Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Duncan, the iron man

Duncan´s world was full of war.
War against other countries. War against Keldor. War against Skeletor.
But time has been merciless with the old champion, and he felt his age.
Now, he had nothing more to do then use his technical knowladge and his experience to help the young soldiers.
And even when word got to him that the King´s army had been brutally minimized by Skeletors troops, nontheless the help of the He-Man, Duncan could not do more then watch the mutilated and the dead return home.
And so Duncan made a decision.

Using the technique he had created to give the young scout Mekaneck a new spine, he forged himself an armor, capable of making him a strong warrior again!
Mantled by his old garment he wore back in the easier days were now clattering machines. Machines that bonded with his old flesh.
The damaged left knee? Coated by an exoskeletton.
The old muscels? Housed inside a battle armor.
The aching back? bypassed with a vertebral column.
With this gear around him he became a true tank in the battles, side by side with the changed Prince of Eternia, for to become once again a thorn in the side of his old antagonist Skeletor, no matter what face he was wearing now!

Was it at the beginning nothing more then a nickname, it quickly became the new codename for this old, new hero.
Duncan the armourer was now Man at Arms: The Iron Man!

A "simple" repaint?
Three layers of colour, and after I was finished and unsatisfied with what I saw, another layer. His garment looks alike the one of Mekaneck, with a purpose. Both are from the same army, only that one is a scout, the other´s a general.

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