Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Mekaneck the scout

As a young scout wandered through the Eternian forests, he was caught by the Beast Man. In a horrible act of sadism, the Beast broke the scout´s neck. Slowly. Not to kill the young man, but to leave him there on the ground. Alive.
Days passed, and the young scout layed there, unable to move one muscle.
Short before he died, he was found by an Eternian troop and brought back to the castle. But no healer could help him. So he faced the fate of only communicating with rolling his eyes...
After months, the Man at Arms visited the helpless one. And made an offer: To restore ALL mobility. But with a big price. But the young man rolled his eyes for "Yes".
Weeks later he was given a new body. Mechanical parts as a spine made him able to strech his steel neck to long distances. But his own body it was no longer. A large computer that controlls the movements and a battery that powers everything is the price he pays. He always has to wear those on his chest. But from that day on he knew he was the one who could bring every secret from the evil troops into daylight. Known by his callsign: Mekaneck!

For this custom I split open the body and altered the mechanism. His neck now can go up and down and left and right without twisting his hip.
Paintjob was hell of work. I mean: HEY!! That guy is a SCOUT! No way he wears primary colours so that everyone can see him from long distances!

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