Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

The ronin Tri-Klops

Word was given to the great emperor of the eastern empire that one of his younger Samurais is guilty for breaking one of the greatest taboos: The use of technology. And according to all laws there was only ONE punsihment.
To burn his eyes out.
And so it was done. With still hissing and burning holes in his face, the Samurai was brought to his cabin, where he had to heal, and as a Ronin would soon be sent far away from his emperor´s kingdom.
But the Ronin had plans.
Loosing his naturals eyes was one of those plans. Days before, he stole the three cursed gem´s out of his emperors personal rooms. Mystical crystals, that could give a man great power.
The Ronin opened a secret drawer, and placed a set of technology upon his head. The technology started to work. Wires and needles crawled deep inside his head, his skull and his brain. In agonizing pain, he fell unconscious.
When he woke up, he saw. Saw with three horrifying eyes.
He was now the Tri-Klops....!

These asian signs mean "Three" and "Eye"

These asian signs mean "Wealth" and "Samurai"


Colouring him was the most difficult part. After I decided to paint his skin, I recognized what crappy idea that was. After alot of cursing I dealt with that.
I always saw Klops as an asian. His clothing and sword just screamed "SAMURAI".
And so the colouring started.

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