Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Stratos of Avion

Centurys ago, the ape-people from the great Eternian forests been hunted down, almost to a level of extinction. In this great danger they left the forests and departed to the mountains, where they found the ancient abandoned city called Avion. The ape-people founded a new life and a new civilisation up on that city in the mountains.
In ages, culture and religion grew, and the ape-people prayed to the giant hawks that lived on the mountain tops. So it came, that in a rite of initiation the young apes had to climb up to the mountain tops, and search for a recently decased hawk. Once that young one brought back the hawk´s wings, the elders implanted them into the forearms of the youngster. A painful process, but once the wings grew into the flesh, the ape child could call itself an adult.
As the ages went on, the DNA of the ape-people started to change. A small change at the beginning, but a great difference after a few thousand years. The apes grew wings of their own! Unable to fly, but to glide in the winds. And so, equipped with boosters, the apes started to take over the rulership of the mountain´s skys. The ape-people of Avion. And their great leader:

A repaint. The wings took alot of time. In my version you can see that the people of Avion are truely ape-men with wings.

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