Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

The ramming man

A young mother layed on her bed in agonizing pain. About to give birth, she was in great need for help. The village´s healers couldnt help her, something like this they have never seen.
And then the baby broke his way out of his mother.

Years later, the baby had become a grown man. A big body with alot of muscles and shaped like a boulder. But since his birth, he was a rank outsider. No one had ever liked or trusted him. Children never played with him, and elders never talked to him. He was a paria since the day his birth killed his mother. He was lonesome. Desperately in need for friends.
Then the evil troops of Skeletor came to the village, about to plunder and burn everything. The young man defeated his home, even though no one ever treat him right. He was victorious!
The scout Mekaneck was near the village, and witnessed what happened. Soon he found out what he needed to know about this misterious young warrior.
Compassionate to this lonesome fate, Mekaneck asked the man to join him, and brought him to Eternis. Soon the newbie was given an armor fitting to his powers. A name fitting to his way of life. And friends. Compagnions.
Ram Man wasnt alone anymore.

A simple little repaint, nothing big. But this way I like it better.
As I did with my version of Orko, the colour for his red leather is something I did by myself.
And I know the trousers suck. One day I´ll manufacture him some real legs.

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