Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Skeletor- the evil warlock

As Randor´s half-brother who would sit on the throne one day, Keldor had always felt hate against his rival. Striving for power as he was, but his blue skin and his foreign facial features had always given him the touch of a stranger, unknown.
Although his mother died while his birth, Keldor always blamed his father, the king. And when he was old enough to recognize that only Randor could ascend to the throne, his hatred against the royal family grew into the endless.
Longer and longer he spent his days and nights in the librarys, searching for lost knowledge, until he felt the power of magic in himself one day. He had stepped into the world of the supernatural. So he continued his search for wisdom that no one lese had, to gain more and more power.
Many years the boy sat in dark cellars and read vorbidden books, until one day the power in his dark heart came alive. Endless was his joy as he uncovered how to open a path to his inner powers. And more and more tha gates to magic opened up for him.

Years past, in which he collected knowledge. Acting before his family like someone who wanted to see the world, his voyages been nothing more then the search for more and more might, magical artefacts and new sources to energy.

And when his spells made it possible for him to ensure the brute powers of fighters and monsters for his great aim, he began a mad dash against the castle of Eternis. His home.

His half brother Randor confronted him during the fight. And as the started to battle without any words, Keldor rammed the tip of one of his swords deep inside Randor´s knee.
Randor fell, in agonizing pain.
Victory before his eyes, Keldor wanted his opponent to die in brutal pain. And so he poured acid onto his face...

Duncan, an old friend of Randor, took in the same moment a shot against the acid´s weak vessel.
The acid sprayed away from the shot- and right into Keldors face, crawled inside his flesh around his whole head.
Slowly the driplets flooded his face, skin and flesh. Ate his nerves. Eyes. Everything.
Screaming in pain, his myrmidions took him away to their hideout. A cavern deep under the mountain with the snake atop.
Almost driven insane by the anguish, Keldor had instinctive contact to magic forces he never even imagined to have, or could reach under normal circumstances. His magical shriek of pain even reached other worlds, and a being...that heard Keldor.
In bargain for loyality, Keldor got into a covenant. The being ate the acid from the world afar, and all flesh that was left out- and inside his skull.
But Keldor did not die. His essence was obtained by the bones, and suddenly, magic eyes stared out of the dead eye sockets.

Since that day, a hood covered his skull, but he is not able to pull it so deep down not to earn his new name day after day after day: Skeletor. The evil warlock.

Oh the pics arent so good, everythings seems to be a bit yellow. Be assured: It isnt yellow..
Making him was stressy. Not even the colours (a magician MUST wear gold and black) but also the clothing. I removed his old plastic hood and sewed one made of velvet. The cape is made of the same. I sewed the cape INTO the armour, what was pretty nasty. Killed my fingertips. But now the cape wont ever come off!
Making the horns from the skull on his stuff go straight up was difficult. I heated the thing up until it was bendable, and then- I held it until the horns were stiff again. Another fingertip-killer.
The golden ribbons are there to make a connection to the 80´s movie version of Skeletor. I imagine my version like a mixture of the move and the 200x Skeletor.

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