Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Fisto, the Norse

As Skeletor searched all over Eternia for objects of power, his troops plundered a village that was high in the northern lands. The village´s defenders did their best, but after a long bloody battle, they lost. Only one man still stood: A blacksmith, with great muscles and fists like thunder. He alone wiped half of Skeletors troops away, but was brought down by the superior forces.
The Clawful, a being from the deep seas led the troops. And in a terrible act of contempt for mankind, the Clawful cut off the blacksmith´s hands, and left with his troops.
But the warrior was not willing to die. The villages healer´s been able to sew ONE hand back to his arm. The other hand, the right hand, was too bad fragmented...
After recovery, the blacksmith swore revenge! With his one hand, he forged a giant fist.
A weapon that not even a thing like the Clawful could ever cut. With red hot metal bolts he attached the fist to his arm...
He packed his bag, took his war-hammer and left the village. To the south. To join the forces he heard of, those who stood against Skeletor. Those who could help him take revenge. And months later, when he arrived, he had concurred so many foes that his fame already reached the Masters.
The man they knew as Fisto, the mercenary from north!

Fisto is my favourite character. Since the 80´s. I did my best with him. And I always had seen him as a viking. The necklace he is wearing is the same that I have. I made it out of the parts of his armour that I cut off. His armour looks much more "real" now, then it did with the lilac stuff.
I sewed him a kilt. After I cut off his old loincloth I also cut off the brightwork he had on it, and the little bottle and bag on the backside. The kilt I sewed him was quite a challenge. Its not easy sewing a kilt for a guy who´s only some inches high. I sewed the kilt into his belt (like I did it with Skeletors cape to his armour) and so this piece of clothing looks like its ever been there. And I attached the bag, the bottle and the brightwork to his belt also.
I gave him shoes out of real fur. They look much more authentic now I think.
And I gave him a war hammer. I have the same thing here, 1:1 size, massive and weighing 14 pounds. I KNOW his hammer looks a bit...lame. But when I did those pictures I needed one, so I quickly made this. A better hammer for him and real legs for my Ram Man are things I´ll do sometime..

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